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Sweet Gum Pods | Foxglove Market | 25 Count



"I have a commitment to unique and expressive floral design, happy plants, and a healthy environment. By staying domestic and keeping it simple, Foxglove strives to minimize environmental and social impact. Foxglove's farmers use sustainable and organic growing methods, and deliver blooms personally to their studio."

  • Support Local Growers

  • Embrace Healthy Homes

  • Celebrate Seasonal Abundance

Foxglove Market's mission is a simple one, based on the personal aesthetic and belief that flowers are most beautiful in their natural state. To them it seems counter-intuitive to treat soil and plants with artificial fertilizers, chemicals and sprays, and they really don’t want to trail those things into their home and onto their table. It poses a challenge in our cold climate to source everything locally, but it is a better choice for so many reasons.

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