3 Heads of Sweet Crisp Lettuce


Sweet Crisp is a salanova lettuce with sweet flavor and crunchy, crisp, succulent leaves. Medium-dark green leaves with a very defined, three-dimensional shape. Sweet, almost romaine-like flavor, with a crisp, almost iceberg-like texture.

Although salanova lettuce leaves are small – and rather attractive, they have a lot of taste. One of biggest advantages of salanovas is the time-saving aspect. You may have read something frightening about how bad the gases in ready cut and washed bags of lettuce are for you. Many people have switched to buying whole lettuces and washing them. But that adds about 15 minutes extra to produce dinner. The siren call of the ready-washed leaves is impossible to resist.

Salanova though may be the answer. The leaves connect together at the bottom rather than growing, at intervals, off a central stem.

As a result if you simply make a quick indented circle around the stem at the bottom all the leaves fall apart instantly. 


All of it looks fresh and sort of ‘bouncy’… professional. A salanova lettuce gives between two and four times the yield of a normal

lettuce and has up to double the shelf life.


If left in the open bag refrigerated with the grow plug attached this lettuce can last up to 3 weeks.