St. James, Semi-Hard Tomme | Alemar Cheese


Meet St. James, Alemar’s first foray into semi-hard cheese. This cheese is luscious, savory, and complex. St. James comes from the same high quality, grass-fed, Minnesota milk used in our soft cheeses. 

The idea to make a Tomme came from head cheesemaker, Craig Hageman. Craig has young kids at home, and wanted to make a cheese that they would actually want to eat. He says coming home from demos or American Cheese Society events he would always pick up an alpine style cheese to share with his family, giving him inspiration to create his own take on the style. St. James was also designed as a celebration cheese for the birth of his third child, and first daughter, who was born in 2019.

This cheese is lovely on sandwiches and cheese plates. St. James is a wonderful texture for wedges or cubes, making it incredibly snackable. While the rind is edible, most prefer this style of cheese without the rind. 

Price: $55 per wheel (approximately 2.25 lbs.) $30 half wheel (approximately 1.12 lbs)