Smokehouse Collection Gift Set


Master of the Grill
Not without this smokehouse collection! Smoked salts are so versatile you can use them on almost anything. HEPP’S Smoked salts are not made with artificial flavors, colors, or liquid smoke, just sea salt and natural smoke from the wood.  Also included with this collection is the classic red clay from Hawaii, primarily use with the Kahlua Pig it is perfect to use with meats of any kind to trap in all the juicy flavor and the Roasted Garlic pairs with any of the smoked salts as a rub on your favorite steaks and burgers- also great on vegetables!! 

Collection includes: 2oz. glass jars of Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, 7-Fire Smoked Sea Salt, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, Red Clay Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic Smoked Sea Salt