Cashew Blondie Kakookies - Gluten Free Vegan Cookies


If you like cashews, this cookie is for you! Cashew Blondie is naturally luscious and rich with golden cashews, whole grain oats, and the purest natural vanilla that will keep you coming back for more! Sometimes simple is...well, simply better! With 5 grams of all natural plant based protein (and no powders or fillers), this is a perfect energy snack that will satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy. Throw in your purse or pocket when out running errands or stash in your work desk for those mid-day hunger attacks. Or, simply enjoy at home as a better for you, guilt free treat (Psst - this flavor pairs deliciously with coffee too)!

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Kakookies are made with real food ingredients, plant-based protein, and ridiculously delicious

Kakookies are vegan, certified-gluten free and soy free and made with plant based protein