Icelandic wool sheepskin- Lambs wool


Beautiful brown lambskin with long Icelandic locks will make a stunning addition to your home decor.  Measuring at 36 x 27 inches, it is the perfect size for your office chair, your home studio, or motorcycle seat.  Wool naturally adjusts to your body temperature ensuring you are not too hot or cold, and it provides enough cushion to support extended time sitting.  Wool is also known to provide a calming affect due to its ability to regulate body temperature, reduce friction (while sitting) and provide cushion.  Wool is also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and bacteria, and wicks away moisture.  
At our home we have sheepskins on our chairs and the seats of our cars, which helps ease sore muscles after caring for the sheep or doing farm chores, or during long trips delivering products.