El Salvador - Luis Hernandez Microlot


Luis Hernandez grew up working on his grandmother’s coffee farm; he now owns 5 acres in northern El Salvador where he has been producing excellent coffee for the last ten years. His farm, Finca Cerro Negro (Black Hill Farm), produces some of the best coffee in the region due to his efforts to elevate production practices and segregate different varieties of coffee trees allowing for increased research on growing and yield patters. These coffees are processed by the washed method helping to create consistency and cleanliness in the cup. Luis works with our importer, Cafe Imports, to deliver 35kg “Pequeños” bags so that the limited amount of coffee can be distributed to additional roasters.

Wildflyer has been lucky enough to get two 35kg bags to roast and enjoy. We have chosen the Pacas variety for its complexity, quality and the fact that it is a native, naturally occurring variety in El Salvador.

We roast this coffee more lightly allowing the more delicate flavors to emerge and shine creating some naturally occurring sweetness. The cup is sweet and clean with sugar cane juice, toffee and citrus fruit flavors. Brew it a little heavier and the body will increase and develop some more chocolate notes as well.