Truffle Gouda (8 Ounces) | Brose Distribution | Dutch Hero


Gouda with extra high milk fat ! Great for Fondue and Holiday party trays. 

Taste the Dutch purity in the products of Dutch Heroes.

Taste guarantee in the unique “Easy-2-Open” packaging! 100% Delicious rindless Gouda cheese of the best Export quality! Dutch Heroes Gouda is a traditional pasteurized farm cheese aged in the packaging. This prevents a rind from forming and guarantees 0% waste from slicing after opening!


Thanks to the unique ‘Easy-2-Open’ packaging, the protective foil can be easily removed. This worldwide patented protective foil gives the cheese a shelf life of 12 months !


 The convenient size (280 gram) and packaging make these cheeses the perfect great-tasting experience from the Netherlands or a culinary gift for discerning gourmets. Dutch Heroes Gouda: great to give and wonderful to receive!