ABOUT Market in the Valley is Golden Valley's Sunday outdoor farmers' market located right in the heart of the city's retail and restaurant district. This presale for pick up opportunity is supported by Frank & Ernest Markets online platform. This is a one-stop collaborative shop for the farmers, food maker's and artisans selling at Market in the Valley. Our marketplace is an online store that supports customers in purchasing directly from their favorite farmers' market vendors and then collecting their purchases during Market in the Valley's regular in-person Sunday market. By purchasing online, customers make their time at the market as easy, fast and contact-free as possible!


Order Monday thru Thursday for Sunday Pick Up. Then collect your purchases Sunday, directly from the vendor you purchased from. As you've already completed payment, your order will be ready for you for fast pick up. 

LOCATION, DATE & TIME Pick up outdoors with the purchasing vendor at Market in the Valley, 7800 Golden Valley Road (Under the Water Tower), Golden Valley, MN 55427. Sundays, June 21 thru October 4 \ 9AM to 1PM

ABOUT F&E  We are a small company located in Saint Paul, MN. F&E manages several farmer's market in the Twin Cities, and to best support Upper Midwest farmers and food makers, keeping customers and vendors safe during these COVID times, we developed our online marketplace to support pre-sale for contact-free, curbside pick up. F&E holds no inventory or owns any delivery vehicles, instead vendors list and distribute all their own products. Our online marketplace is a one-of-a-kind in the local food world!  
ABOUT OUR ONLINE MARKETPLACE Akin to Etsy, this one-stop-farmer’s market-online shop, is where vendors post their own products and then personally fulfill customer orders via doorstep delivery, shipping or with farmer’s market pick-up.

Further, the platform is terrific for makers and farmers new to online sales, while being created for customers to select contact-free shopping. It also reduces the need for customers to click from vendor site to site. At a single online store, with one credit card; you can purchase from dozens of makers, selecting from hundreds of food products, produce, proteins, pastries and plants, and pick up at locations across the Twin Cities. 

WE ARE GIVING BACK With every purchase buyers can select to give back to a different nonprofit monthly at the point of checkout. 

CUSTOMER SAFETY MESSAGE Following the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's guidance for farmers markets and vendors, markets have made the following changes to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 including:

+ Having all staff wear masks, gloves and clear visors.

+ Creating physical barriers to slow down and distance customers.

+ Setting up hand washing stations at the pick up market entrances and exits.

+ Limiting the number of people allowed to enter the pick up market location at any one time.

Additionally, markets have created the following safety guidelines for shoppers including:

+ Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who has been sick.

+ Pick up your pre-sold products solo, only send one family member to the market. 

+ Wear a mask and wash your hands.

+ Don't touch products that you haven't purchased. 

+ Limit conversations, don't mingle.

+ Maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times.

+ While these are general guidelines, as conditions change, please remember to check the market's Facebook page to stay informed about the latest precautions, and activities.