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Frank & Ernest Markets is taking a break right now. If you would like to be notified of our re-opening, please reach out to
Frank & Ernest Markets is taking a break right now. If you would like to be notified of our re-opening, please reach out to

The F&E Way


F&E Market is the only one-stop-shop where Upper Midwest farmers, food makers and Minnesota customers come together to make, sell, buy and eat locally.


Customers select products direct from dozens of independent member producers, and then receive them via doorstep delivery. All products are listed by our producer members personally. 


F&E is an online farmer's market, supporting our remarkable local foodshed of member makers and growers that personally list, then F&E works with BrightSide Produce to deliver straight to customer doorsteps every Sunday. 


F&E Marketplace wants to become Minnesota's most trusted neighbor-made online, grocery market. We own no delivery vehicles, hold no inventory, and will sometimes partner with farmer's markets. Our users and sellers are our members, community and business partners.

We aim to bring you products directly from local, small independently owned businesses - if not from the makers and growers personally. 


We want our sellers to always serve up and sell the best food that can be made to order. We carefully consider all our sellers, review their product listings and double check their insurance and sales permits; guaranteeing products are produced to the highest legal standards. F&E never takes ownership of customer purchases. F&E provides the online tools and promotions to support sellers in transferring purchases for collation and delivery teams for prompt transportation to customer's homes.  


We know our big box food system is broken. F&E aims to change this. With our, direct from sellers and straight to you, model we cut out the steps that cost our small businesses the most. For instance, a typical maker and grower will lose anywhere from 50% to 70% of profits in a traditional distribution scenario. With F&E, we carry no inventory, have no distribution trucks and pay no overhead keeping our costs low and profits - where they belong - in the pockets of those so precious to our local food shed.

Sellers pay a low annual fee to participate in online sales and promotions, and then a small 6% commission on sales. This is far below the Grubhubs and UberEats of recent years with their 30% and above charges. What we are doing is revolutionary and we are excited to bring customers and sellers along on this groundbreaking ride.

Although we know our seller's products often cost more than comparable, mass marketed products  - you can skip the big box guilt as you are "investing" in growing a more robust and equitable local food shed.


F&E was partly built as a response to the realities of in-person farmers' markets. Lots of our sellers partake in Twin Cities farmer's markets, and as long time market managers ourselves - we've seen the pleasures and pitfalls of these community-centric retail spaces. We created F&E as a sustainable alternative. When managing in-person markets we held the following truths; they are expensive to permit and supply, take the efforts of many hundreds of people, and are time intensive to organize, promote and recruit for. And this is all before a single dollar is exchanged! Clearly, it takes a tremendous amount of capital for an event held just once a week, and only for six months a year. Lest we not forget to mention, the waste (food and otherwise), the hard, heavy labor sometimes conducted in inclement weather and high humidity; and the accompanying car and people congestion in typically too-dense urban areas.

F&E is exactly not this, and we are excited to challenge, and still celebrate, these traditional in-person farmer markets.