Our Minnesota made multi-vendor online marketplace is a one-of-a-kind in the local food world, and customers sometimes have questions. We answered them here. 


Q: The product listings aren't always consistent. Why not? 

A: Like Etsy, Ebay or Craigslist - all listings are created by the food makers and farmers personally. Some sellers have more experience than others, and the pivot online is just that - a pivot. As we learn, sellers are working to create more consistent listings with standardized weights, imagery and descriptions of packaging and distribution. If you are ever in any doubt, please reach out directly to the seller via their profile page, as linked to their product listing. 

Q: I'm confused about how to get my products. How do I know? 

A: We have two pick up opportunities a week. This is the most popular way to receive all your products in one stop. Purchase your groceries by selecting your pick up location, either by using our filters or by selecting the location from our menu or home page. We have two pick up locations, on Saturday in Northeast Minneapolis at the FOOD BUILDING on Marshall Avenue and on Sunday in South Minneapolis at Heartfelt on Upton Avenue in the Linden Hills Village. Both pick ups occur from 11AM to Noon, and are contact free and curbside.  

You can read more about the NE Mpls pick up here >>

You can read more about the South Mpls pick up here >>

Further, some of our sellers provide their products via doorstep delivery or shipping. If you don't see a pull down which lists one or both of the aforementioned pick up locations, then you can assume your products will be shipped. In some cases you can select from either doorstep delivery or pick up. Should you have questions, we encourage sellers to address this question in their product descriptions. You can always reach out directly to the sellers via their profile pages, too. 



  1. All product listings are created by the food makers and farmers personally.
  2. All products are distributed via the vendors own distribution networks.
  3. F&E does not hold or manage inventory, or provide any transportation of products.
  4. 94.4% of proceeds from all sales go directly to sellers, with 2.6% + $0.30 going to credit card processing fees. F&E charges a 5.6% commission, and this is substantially lower than the Grubhubs of the world (30% or more). 
  5. F&E offers this marketplace as a service to Frank & Ernest Members and Twin Cities metro area consumers.
  6. F&E charges a customers $1 service fee to help cover the cost of the management of the site. 


  1. Can select for products from Upper Midwest food makers and farmers.
  2. Customers browse and buy from dozens of producers with a single credit card.
  3. Purchases are fulfilled by the makers or growers personally via doorstep delivery, curbside or farmer's market pick-up, or shipping. 


  1. All our sellers are licensed in the State of Minnesota and/or in the City of Minneapolis.
  2. Adhere to rigorous sanitation protocols as dictated by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Department of Health, and are insured to $3 million dollars.
  3. All have committed to known standards of operation that reduce, limit or eliminate COVID-19 contagion and transmission, as outlined by the Federal Government's Center for Disease Control; along with state and local health authorities. 


Since 2014, the Linden Hills Farmer's Market has contracted the one-woman, event coordination company, of Frank & Ernest Markets & Events to manage its farmer's market. This partnership now brings you F&E Marketplace, featuring Linden Hills Farmer's Market and several other Twin Cities markets, and includes hundreds of local food makers and farmers. F&E holds no inventory or own any delivery vehicles, instead vendors list and distribute all their own products. This is a lot like an Etsy or Poshmark model, but is one-of-a-kind in the local food world!

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Libby Wyrum, founder of F&E Marketplace, her current work is centered on developing micro-economies for food and farmers in the Upper Midwest. She works to empower these communities through in person farmer’s markets and retail pop-ups; tapping smart technology and fun promotions. Frank & Ernest Marketplace’s innovative multi-vendor online platform is an important outcrop of her work. Frank & Ernest Foods is the B2B partner to F&E Marketplace. 

Libby worked for Gardens of Eagan, a 125-acre certified organic vegetable farm in Northfield, Minnesota, where she focused on customer diversification and business development. Her other work includes serving as a consultant with Grassroots Solutions where her clients included: Minnesota Public Radio, the City of Detroit, and the AFL-CIO.  Before this she worked with the Minnesota House of Representatives as a Committee Administrator and managed a $2 billion multi-departmental budget process.

Libby's career started in nonprofit organizing, system’s advocacy, grant management, and volunteer coordination. She attended the University of Minnesota, and majored in Anthropology, Psychology and Gender Studies. She was a Fellow at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs.  

Libby lives in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul with a dog and a remarkably creative, funny husband. Libby considers herself both earnest and frank.

Libby Wyrum, libby@frankandernie.com, 612 867 0854