Our Minnesota made multi-vendor online marketplace, lets customers learn about up-and-coming, new producers of produce, proteins, pastry and indie-gredient products; while still being able to meet-and-greet (albeit from a distance) and buy directly from those tried-and-true market stalwarts they've grown to love at their local markets. Letting you buy direct from the makers that matter most - your neighbors - is at the heart of F&E.


  1. All product listings are created by the food makers and farmers personally.
  2. All products are distributed via the vendors own distribution networks.
  3. F&E does not hold or manage inventory, or provide any transportation of products.
  4. 94.4% of proceeds from all sales go directly to sellers, with 2.4% + $0.30 going to credit card processing fees. 
  5. F&E & RED Market offer this marketplace as a service to Frank & Ernest Members and Twin Cities metro area consumers. 


  1. Can select for products from Upper Midwest food makers and farmers.
  2. Customers browse and buy from dozens of producers with a single credit card.
  3. Purchases are fulfilled by the makers or growers personally via doorstep delivery, curbside or farmer's market pick-up, or shipping. 


  1. All our sellers are licensed in the State of Minnesota and/or in the City of Minneapolis.
  2. Adhere to rigorous sanitation protocols as dictated by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Department of Health, and are insured to $3 million dollars.
  3. All have committed to known standards of operation that reduce, limit or eliminate COVID-19 contagion and transmission, as outlined by the Federal Government's Center for Disease Control; along with state and local health authorities.