Wild Smoked Salmon Jerky


Energy food at its finest! Our jerky comes in a 3-ounce package containing 25-30 pieces, enough for 6 servings, each with 8 ounces of the cleanest protein you can find. Perfectly shelf-stable, keep this in your bag or take on hikes and outdoor adventures for a lightweight but protein-dense snack.

We want to fuel our bodies with goodness, not junk, so we made sure our jerky is as pure as it gets. There are no preservatives, nitrates, or nitrites and no dyes or pesticides or antibiotics as you might find in farmed salmon - just the finest of our wild harvest, brined in sea salt with a hint of brown sugar and smoked with alderwood. The flavor here is not too salty, like some jerky can be, but simple and clean and great for refueling.

Please note that the minimum order is three (3) packages. This is to help us be efficient in shipping and not waste packing materials, or other non-renewable resources. And it's perfect for sharing or gifting! We will ship this to you directly to you via USPS, with shipments going out once a week. All shipping and handling costs are included here - there is no extra charge that you will see at checkout. 

Our favorite way to enjoy this smoked salmon is to go for a great hike in the beautiful outdoors and eat it atop a lookout spot with the wind in our faces and a smile in our hearts. It is such a pleasure to fuel ourselves with this wild salmon we care for so deeply, especially while looking down on the pristine ocean and land that provides its habitat.

Our jerky tastes so good because of the care we take while catching it. Mindfully handling our fish to keep their quality superb brings us closer to our little corner of nature and reminds us to appreciate our amazing resource. We - Tollef & Adelia, the soul mates, fishermen, and business owners - harvest our salmon by hand with love and respect for the ocean and all its life forms. We fish out of open 23-foot aluminum skiffs with 2-3 hardworking faithful crew members working by hand to pull up our nets and disentangle the fish. Upon picking the fish from the net, we carefully bleed them and place them into chilled seawater. This is not industrial fishing. Our fish are never thrown, bruised, or crushed under thousands of other fish. We chill our salmon to 34 degrees until they are taken to the fish processing plant in Kodiak, about once a day. The plant, a locally Native Alaskan owned processor, uses the latest technology to fillet, pin bone and then smoke your salmon before a trip to the blast freezer to keep it in top top shape. 

Sharing our salmon with appreciative souls in the Minneapolis area - Tollef's hometown - is the whole reason we started this business. It is our goal to provide you with the least diluted, most personal connection to your wild Alaska salmon possible.

We invite you to learn more about our salmon and our wild Alaskan life at www.soulmatesalmon.com or send us an email with your questions to tollefandadelia@soulmatesalmon.com