Truly Pasture Raised Chicken - Presale


This is a pre-sale.

Please choose either November 15th or November 22nd as a pick up date in the Drop Down Menu.

Prairie Pasture chickens are raised outside on pasture their whole lives where they are able to forage on natural grasses and seeds. Our chickens are supplemented with a 100% Organic chicken feed. The chickens are moved to fresh pasture every single day and never receive any antibiotics or drugs. Our chickens are processed in an approved USDA facility and contain no additional chemicals or additives.

Each whole chicken is approximately 5-6 pounds in weight which is plenty of meat for a family of 4-5. We have also priced these birds well below the industry standard of $7.00 to $10.00 per pound to allow everyone to experience the magic of pasture raised chicken.

Try it today! It will be the best chicken you’ve ever had.

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