Fresh Side Pork


This product is for those that love to season their own meat and truly make a dish their own! It's great in soups, rice dishes and more

Compare Tollefson Pork to competitors´ and you will see the difference! This is due to the fact that our fat is lower in saturated fat and higher in unsaturated fat. Our unique feed program incorporates soybean oil and fish oil into a one-of-a-kind feed mix that gives our pork Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 stimulates blood circulation, reducing clots, and has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Taste our pork once and you will know the Tollefson Family Pork difference!

Tollefson Family Pork tastes better and is healthier than the grocery store brands. All of our hogs are raised on our family farm in Norseland, MN and our processing is conducted at local plants under our supervision. We are one of the very few companies that still offer all-natural meat products. This means that we do not feed antibiotics to our animals or alter them with growth hormones. Plus, our pork is gluten-free and does not have any fillers. Thirty years of experience have led us to the conclusion that Duroc hogs produce meat with perfect marbling, making our products tender and tasty, while remaining lean and healthy.