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Plant based beverage.

Apple Juice Infusions- rich in Vitamin C for growth, repair of cells, critical to a healthy immune system, plant based compounds full of phytonutrients give the juice its unique color, taste and smell .

 Prepared Using: Ayurvedic infusion methods in 100% apple juice, naturally gluten free; No added sugar, preservatives, chemicals or colorants; Regional apples.

Infusions: Turmeric for anti-inflammation; Ginger- immunity booster; mint- anti-stress.

Locally produced; women owned company.

Minimum order is 1 case 12 bottles, each 12 oz of single infusion; Or 1 case mixed of 4 bottles of 3 infusions, each bottle is 12 oz and constitutes between 1 and 2 servings as per taste.

Order placed by Friday noon for Pick up on saturday at the St. Paul Farmer's Market, Lowertown, 5th Street, St. Paul.

Home deliveries every Tues and Thurs.