Farmer's Market Special Variety Pack (20 LBS)


Your Farmer’s Market Special Includes a mix of the following:

  • 10 lbs of Premium Steaks, Classic Steaks, and Roasts

    • Premium Steaks: T-Bone, Ribeye, Porterhouse, Top Sirloin, Flank, Flat Iron

    • Classic Steaks: Round, Chuckeye, Flap, Skirt, Swiss (arm), Sirloin Tip for marinade, barbacoa, carne asada.

    • Roasts: Chuck, Rump

    • Includes a variety of the cuts above, but not each cut.

  • 10 lbs Premium Ground Beef (1 lb. per pack)

  • About Our Beef:

  • USDA inspected.

  • Dry aged 14 days.

  • All natural.  No hormones, no antibiotics.

  • Steaks are cut 1.25 to 1.5 in. thick.

  • Roasts are approximately 3 lbs each.

  • All cuts are shrink-wrapped for maximum freshness.

  • Weights and quantities vary based on getting the best cuts from each animal, 20lbs total.