Katahdin Hair Sheep Lamb | Whole Lamb Deposit |Custom Processing with Home Delivery


Here is an opportunity to stock your freezer with locally raised grass fed lamb this winter.

We care for a small flock of Katahdin Hair Sheep at our farm in Spring Valley, WI. Lambs are born in the early spring and ready to butcher by late fall or winter. The lambs spend the summer rotationally grazing our pastures and are grass fed their entire lives.

Your $100 deposit will reserve your lamb and go towards the final cost. Each lamb is slightly different in size and your butchering fees will vary depending on your instructions, so your final cost will vary. A whole lamb usually runs from $290-$380 total. Typically you will take home 20-30 pounds of lamb to put in your freezer. 

How we arrive at that total is based on hanging weight. You will be charged $6.00/pound hanging weight plus butchering fees. 

Your lamb will be butchered at Sailer's Meats in Elmwood, WI according to your instructions. The meat will be vacuum packed and frozen. You can choose to pick up your lamb at our farm in Spring Valley, WI or we can deliver it to your home for a small fee.

We are currently taking orders for early December. We also have openings for mid March 2021.

How To Order a Custom Processed Whole Lamb

1. Order online and place a $100 deposit

2. We will email you to confirm availability, butcher date, and send you a link to the cut sheet

3. Fill out a cut sheet with your butchering instructions online

4. After the butcher date we will email you an invoice for your remaining balance

5. About two weeks after the butcher date we will arrange pick up or delivery

 If you have any questions please call Lindsey at 715-410-2958 or email us at morningscapefarm@gmail.com.