Cricket Frass


CRICKET FRASS - 100% Natural Fertilizer 
Farm to Garden - ZERO WASTE

Maximize Plant Growth and Boost Immune Response

If you are not ready to eat crickets yet, but want to be a part of the adventure, try Cricket Frass for your garden, indoor plants and lawn! Cricket Frass or cricket manure is what is left after we humanely harvest our crickets. Unlike other sources of farm manure, cricket frass is dry and odorless and can be applied directly onto your plants and lawn. It stimulates the plants immune response and plants grow stronger with larger yields. Cricket frass also acts as a natural pesticide and plant food and if too much is applied, it doesn't burn the plant. At our locally and family owned cricket farm in St Louis Park, nothing is wasted!

Now that's sustainable!

Directions for use: Generously spread around root base and work into soil. Water normally. Repeat application every two weeks during growth season.

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