SPRINKLE A LITTLE PROTEIN "POW" IN YOUR FAVORITE FOODS. + Give your Immune System a boost with vitamin B12!

B12 has been shown to benefit your body in many impressive ways, including supporting your immune system function. Only 1 Tbsp of Cricket Protein Powder has OVER 100% of your daily recommended B12 intake.

Cricket flour doesn’t taste or look weird, It’s just 100% organically fed ground crickets and nothing else. (No legs or wings, these fine little insects have been carefully raised and harvested with the highest standards.) With 69% protein, complete amino acid profile, not to mention an awesome source of vitamin B12 and prebiotic fibre (good for the gut!). This alternative flour is sure to put an extra hop in your step! Great for either sweet or savory recipes. Nourish your body (and help the planet) with wholesome sustainable food!

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