NE MPLS PICK-UP is coordinated thru F&E Markets, FOOD BUILDING Makers, and the dozens of other sellers together online. Customers purchase online Monday thru Thursday, then orders are brought together at a single site, packaged up, and are picked up Saturday from 11am to Noon. It's easy!


Drive-thru occurs every Saturday at the FOOD BUILDING at 1401 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 from 11AM to NOON. Customers should follow the drive-thru directions and safety measures below. Look for the F&E Market signs located on Marshall St to know where to pull up and pop your trunk. DIRECTIONS >> 


Following the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's guidance for farmers markets and vendors, F&E Markets and the FOOD BUILDING have made the following changes to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 including:

    • Having all staff wear masks and sanitize between customer interactions. 
    • Creating physical barriers to slow down and distance customers.
    • Limiting the number of people allowed to enter the pick up location at any one time.
    • Working within teams to limit contagion and encouraging the identification of symptoms, then testing and taking time off for quarantine.
Additionally, we have created the following safety guidelines for shoppers including:
      • RULE #1: Wear a mask and sanitize your hands at pick up.
      • Please allow staff to place your purchases in your trunk or back seat. Our preference is to place packages in the trunk. 
      • Stay in car.
      • For complete contact less pick up, please print your first and last name on a piece of paper and locate on your dashboard or passenger side window. 
      • Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who has been sick. Ask a neighbor or family member to collect your purchases. 
      • Pick up your pre-sold products solo, only send one family member.
      • Don't touch products. Let management place your orders in your trunk or set them at the designated table before approaching and collecting your products.  We understand that some neighbors may want to arrive on site by foot, and management will do their best accommodate walk ups.
      • Limit conversations, don't mingle. 
      • Maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times.
      • While these are general guidelines, as conditions change, please remember to check the F&E Market website and Facebook page to stay informed about the latest precautions and activities.


FOOD BUILDING connects farmers, makers, purveyors, and eaters in Minnesota’s community of food. As an urban food production hub, FOOD BUILDING houses three artisan food businesses— Red Table Meat Co., Baker's Field Flour & Bread, and Alemar Cheese Company—that transform Minnesota’s quintessential agricultural commodities—pork, grain, and milk—into award-winning, nationally-known products that are delicious points of hometown pride.

FOOD BUILDING began with a conversation about hogs. Kieran Folliard, an experienced entrepreneur, and future Red Table Meat Co. founder and chef Mike Phillips, were discussing the absurdity of shipping Minnesotan pigs to California for processing and then shipping the salumi back to Minnesota to sell.  This led Kieran to consider which other Minnesota ingredients were being shipped to other states, only to be shipped back as final products. After research, Folliard discovered the answer to be heritage pigs, grass-fed cow’s milk, and various grains. From there, the question became, “What if there were a place where expert makers used Minnesota ingredients to make products right here in Minnesota?” And so, the idea behind FOOD BUILDING was born. 

Red Table Meat Co. is an Italian-style salumeria with distinctly Midwestern roots that crafts fresh salami, whole muscle cures and other meats from locally raised hogs.

Baker’s Field Flour & Bread explores the terroir of local grain—milling locally sourced, single-origin grains and deploying the flours’ qualities of creaminess or nuttiness into perfectly matched breads and pastries.

Alemar Cheese Company transforms organic milk from Minnesota cows into French-style ripened cheeses like brie, and a portfolio of products including cream cheese and even curds.