Genovese Basil (2 oz. bag)


Basil is best known as one of the most popular and widely used culinary herbs in the world, however throughout its history this leafy herb

has been celebrated for many reasons beyond its flavor. First cultivated over 5,000 years ago, the basil plant has held deep symbolic

and religious meaning from ancient Europe to India, Malaysia, and beyond. Today, it’s best known for its versatility and distinct flavor,

adding herbaceousness to a wide variety of dishes all over the world.



Many of you may already know this fun fact. DO NOT refrigerate Basil! It spoils when refrigerated. If you're used to buying "fresh basil"

in a plastic clam shell in your local grocery store you'll notice that it is kind of a dull green and might even have black spots on the leaves.

This is the result of being harvested probably 2 weeks ago and then cooled. The cooling process degrades the plant and causes the black

spots. Our basil is harvested within 24 hours of delivery for pickup. We make every effort to place your order indoors during the winter so

that it does not spoil.


If left in the closed bag on your kitchen counter it can last up to 3 weeks. We hope you don't leave that long! In our testing though 3 weeks

has been the longest.