Chocolate Luxury Gift Box | Truffles, Bars, Pouch & Recipies| Single Origen, Rainforest Certified


Chocolate is an ideal business gift! San Jose Chocolate offers ganache dark chocolate truffles with extreme silkness, decorated with sea salt, giving you a intense flavor. Also bars and bags that comes from 100% Dark chocolate to 55% chocolate. 

Luxury Gift Box contains: 1 box Dark Chocolate truffles with sea salt  (6 pcs), 1 pouch of 70% Dark Chocolate discs , 4 bars: 80% Dark Chocolate with nibs, 80% Dark Chocolate with macadamia, 70% Dark Chocolate classic & 55% chocolate & 1 printed recipe.

 Single Origin. We select the best cacao beans from our fields in Ecuador and turn them into chocolate for you.

Because our sustainable farming practices, we have been Rainforest and UTZ certified 

 With almost 100 years of experience in growing cocoa, we have created a unique fermentation process that allows us to produce amazingly delicious high percentage chocolate without an overwhelming astringent or acidic palate.

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