Give to BrightSide Produce (501(c)3): Fighting Hunger with Fresh Produce


Frank & Ernest Markets is proud to partner with BrightSide Produce. Both here and at checkout, customers may select to give to this remarkable 501c3 organization. 

Here is why | Food insecurity in urban areas is at historically high levels. The COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest during 2020 has exacerbated existing disparities in access to healthy foods. 

By contributing to, and buying directly from, BrightSide Produce, you are helping provide Twin Cities residents with more reliable access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. 

BrightSide Produce is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that makes fresh produce more available throughout the Twin Cities, particularly in underserved communities. They bring together folks from different communities (e.g., college students, recent graduates, community youth) and harness their energy for creating a more equitable society by changing our local food system. BrightSide has had two main operations, corner store deliveries and home deliveries of fresh produce:

1.  Fresh produce deliveries to corner stores in underserved Minneapolis neighborhoods

Their core operation involves a team of neighborhood youth and young adults who make regular deliveries of fresh produce to corner stores in under-served areas. For many residents, the only grocery store option in walking distance is small corner stores, which have historically not offered much fresh foods. BrightSide's work increases  access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to thousands of community members while supporting small local businesses, many of which are BIPOC-owned. 

2. Home deliveries of fresh produce, regardless of ability to pay

In response to the growing food insecurity in our community, BrightSide produce has created several new home delivery programs in 2020. These deliveries help more folks safely access fresh produce, regardless of their income level. They run a weekly "Pay What You Can" program, where recipients are referred to us through churches, clinics, and community organizations. PWYC recipients pay whatever they can afford for a large bag of fresh produce delivered to their doorstep, and their buyers and donors fill in the gaps. They also offer a home delivery subscription in Minneapolis and St. Paul where folks pay a "food justice surcharge" that helps support their food equity work. 

All donations will be used to support BrightSide's food justice work in the Twin Cities, help them expand their programming, and allow them to pay their youth employees a fair wage. Donations help BrightSide tremendously by covering their "behind the scene" expenses —  insurance, administrative costs, cold food storage, space rental, vehicle maintenance, website fees, licenses, and permits.

Donations allow BrightSide to create more equitable access to fresh, healthy food. You can learn more about them at their website. If you live in the Twin Cities, please consider subscribing for their Home Deliveries program or by purchasing through Frank & Ernest Markets as a way to support their mission all year round and receive high-quality fresh produce at your doorstep or car door. 

Thank you for considering BrightSide at your point of purchase.