Dumplings (Fried or Frozen) (Serves 2)


Fried Dumplings - 8pcs. We fry them so that you don't have to! Handcrafted turkey and smoked salmon dumplings, mixed with cabbage and water chestnuts. A tasty treat for the holiday season! Ready-to-eat. Sold chilled for safe storage and easy transportation. Keeps up to five days if chilled at 40F or below.

Frozen Dumplings - 10pcs. We also offer frozen dumplings that has not been fried yet. Ready to be popped into your fryer or skillet for a crispy treat. The contents of the dumplings are precooked for food safety. If buying frozen, only the dumpling skin is not pre-cooked. Keeps up to one month if maintained frozen.

Ingredients: Wild-caught salmon from Alaska (smoked), fresh ground turkey, cabbage, water chestnuts, gluten-free soy sauce, spices, dumpling skin (wheat flour, pasteurized whole eggs, starch, salt) Allergen: Fish, wheat, soy