Flamin' Hot Cricket Powered Snack

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It's time for some guilt-free Flamin' Hot snacking!

This blend of Premium roasted crickets, organic pepita seeds and organic sunflower seeds is the perfect go-to snack while watching the game or chillin' with a cold one. The tasty combination of red pepper and cayenne will give you an extra kick while the seeds and crickets provide a little nutritional boost. 

Did you know crickets are loaded with protein and B12 which has been shown to benefit your body in many ways, including supporting immune system function. This 50 gram container has over 100% of your recommended daily B12 intake!

Packed with 69% protein, crickets are a delicious and convenient paleo snack. With essential amino acids, vitamin B12, and more, these crunchy little critters can be easily added to any dish for a delicious nutty flavor and an extra dose of healthy protein. Learn more: https://www.harmonycricket.farm/blog/

HOW TO USE: Enjoy as a snack or a garnish to your favorite meals. Sprinkle Harmony Roasted Crickets on granola, salads, soups, tacos, deserts... you get the idea, have fun and be creative! Follow me on Instagram for more tasty ideas: https://www.instagram.com/harmonycricketfarm/

I've added a couple photos for inspiration to get you started:)

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