100% Pure Cricket Protein Powder


Minnesota Grown 100% Pure Cricket Powder!            Yes, CRICKETS!

Cricket powder is a superiornutrient-dense and sustainable protein that can replace flour in baked goods, can be added to recipes and to your morning or after-workout smoothie. It has a mild, nutty flavor that incorporates beautifully into all foods. Our crickets are born and raised right here in St Louis Park, MN at our family-owned, urban farm. We feed them 100% organic feed and organic fruits and vegetables. We also dehydrate, mill and package them at our on-site commercial kitchen.

Whether you are an athlete training, love to workout or are looking for a high protein super-food for your adventure, crickets are it! Two tablespoons is 16 grams of protein, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach! Cricket powder is a good source of B12 and the perfect ratio of Omega 6+3 fatty acids. It also promotes gut health with chitin, a prebiotic fiber. For a small fraction of the water, space and feed that other sources of protein require, crickets are not only high in protein, they contain all essential amino acids! 

80% of the world eats insects! Be a part of the ADVENTURE here in the US!! Know where your crickets come from and support locally raised, sustainable crickets! 


 People with a shellfish allergy may be allergic to crickets. 

Please feel free to email me at: claire@3cricketeeers.com if you have any questions!