100% Wool Dryer ball


100% Icelandic wool dryer balls. Our dryer balls are hand made from our sheep's wool.

A pair of balls will last 3-5 years and reduce the energy used to dry items by 31%. They are eco-friendly and natural. 

At the start of your dryer cycle the balls will absorb moisture in the clothing, as they bounce around they create air pockets which dry your clothe more efficiently.  Towards the end of the cycle the balls release the moisture and place it back into the clothing, which reduces static and softens the fabric.  No need for fabric softener or dryer sheets when you have a pair of our wooly dryer balls. 

Balls come in the natural colors of our sheep.  We do have white sheep but I tend to use this wool to spin and dye.  If you want white please let me know!


*One ball per order, I recommend two balls per medium to large load.