MicroFarm Grow Kit


Grow your own greens with a MicroFarm grow kit! We have included everything you need to grow at home. No special lighting needed, just some bright indirect light and you are set to grow some superfood right at home.

Because most varieties of microgreens are ready to harvest and eat in 7-10 days, it is satisfying to watch them grow.

This kit makes a perfect gift. It's also fun and easy for kids. Get them involved in growing and cooking their own food and they will love to eat their veggies.    



What in included in the MicroFarm?

Step-by-step instructions: Easy to follow and if you need help feel free to reach out! We want this to be successful for you!

Durable tray and dome: The trays are 5"x5" and are the perfect size for a window sill or counter top. The tray can nest inside the dome when not in use.


Misting bottle: A small spritzer to keep the seeds moist in the initial germination stage.

4 packs of seed: You'll receive some nutrient dense and easy to grow varieties (1) pack each of broccoli,speckled pea, radish, and salad mix.  


Grow medium: You get enough "soil" for 4 grows of microgreens. Our growing medium is a mix of peat moss, coco coir, and pearlite.


Recipe Card: Get some meal inspiration on how to use these tiny superfoods in your meals everyday! They aren't just a pretty garnish or for salads. Being good for you never tasted so good. 


Real Local Help: You can always contact me (a human) for help with using your kit!