HARD CIDER: Available for Pick Up. Must Purchase at Sweetland Orchard's Website


Note, hard cider is not available for order through the F&E site, but at Sweetland Orchard's website. It is available to pick up, however, at the Linden on Sundays and elsewhere.

To place your pre-sale order for pick-up at any of the CSA drop sites, please note at the time of purchase: "Location" at the "Pick Up Date & Time" under Pick-Up Time at the Sweetland Orchard Website.

First delivery begins September 13. 

Hard Cider Varieties Include: 

Scrumpy Original, Rustic Apple, and Cherry Rhubarb four-packs are $11.99.

Perennial, Mule, No Fair and Jackalope are $10.99.
Borealis is $23.99