2021 Flower CSA- 6 Week, Bi-weekly Pickup

$85.00 $100.00

We are proud to offer you the best of our flowers through the season with our 2021 Flower CSA! 

Our Half Share is a biweekly pickup of flowers beginning on Sunday, July 4, with final pickup on Sunday September 12. Every other week you will pick up a bouquet made just for you, composed of the best of what’s blooming on our farm that week. Pickup is at Linden Hills Farmers Market every other Sunday.

You will be emailed about two weeks before your first pick up day and we will also announce on Instagram and Facebook. All of our CSA communications will be via email and will be used to keep you up to date on CSA pickup and other pertinent information!

Please Note: If you're purchasing this 2021 CSA as a gift, please indicate that in the notes upon checkout. Include the name, mailing address, and email of your giftee. If you'd like a hand written note included, please indicate that and include the message in the notes of your order as well. We will send your giftee a 2021 CSA certificate with a note of your choosing to notify them of your thoughtful gift!