Take Lynhall Home: Pantry by the Pint | Condiments, Sauces & More


The Lynhall @Home Sides by the Quart are ideal for eating well, simply and seasonally. Add soup, salad, mains and garlic rolls for a cozy winter meal! 


All arrive chilled, and are heat-n-eat.


The Lynhall has quickly become a Twin Cities classic, and your purchase supports this remarkable woman-owned and operated small business, and its employees during these challenging times.  


Select Sides by the Quart | Serves 4

Mac + Cheese (Vegan) | orecchiette, smoked cheddar, garlic breadcrumbs

Grilled Broccolini + Kale (V, GF) | extra virgin olive oil, lemon, parmesan

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes (GF)

Maple Glazed Collard Greens (V)

Parmesan Polenta (GF, V) 

Caramelized Mushrooms (GF, V) with brown butter, rosemary, onion and lemon