"Junk Drawer" Granola Bars from The Bakerz Dozen


These amazingly popular favorites are made with caramel bits, pretzel pieces, and chocolate chips. Perfectly sweet and savory!

So It All Started When…  

A random visit to a cookie store in Hawaii uncovered a baking passion that has lots of folks scratching their heads. For those of you who don’t know me, I spent pretty much my entire adult life in the military. I retired in 2015 after spending 23 years in the Army. In those 23 years, I spent precisely 2.3 minutes in the kitchen baking. This is why the #1 question I get is “how on earth did you start baking?” So grab a bag of treats from The Bakerz Dozen and ask yourself, how in the world can he be self-taught and these are this good?!?!


*Ingredients: Oats, crispy rice cereal, coconut oil, honey, brown sugar, vanilla, caramel bits, pretzel pieces, chocolate chips

*These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection.

*Food Allergy Notice: may contain ingredients from milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts and tree nuts